What We Do

Power Strategies oversees the technology implementation process for a variety of technology systems, including casino management systems, financial systems, and human resources information systems.  Below is a sample of services we have designed for our clients:

  • Identify client’s system, business, and regulatory requirements by department and cross-functional areas.
  • Design Request for Proposal (RFP) documents, monitor vendor product demonstrations and communications, develop scoring methodologies, and create executive analysis and review reports and presentations.
  • Create gap analyses for current operations, proposed operations, and proposed solutions.
  • Organize and manage project implementation plans for technology installations, upgrades, and migrations.
  • Perform post project analyses to assess project success and quarterly and annual reviews to assess on-going operations.
  • Write Minimum Internal Control Standards and Policy and Procedure documentation.
  • Evaluate technology regulatory compliance, incorporating technology systems configuration and operational audits.

We believe that it is integral to any project’s success to identify all involved parties and achieve consensus with the working groups to ensure successful adoption of new technologies.  Each team member’s needs are assessed and addressed during the project to work toward successful project completion.  We provide proven comprehensive technology plans which guide businesses from solution selection through post-implementation support.  We coordinate scheduling of key stakeholders, team members, vendors, and service providers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Power Strategies provides industry implemented comprehensive technology plans which guide your business from solution selection through post-implementation support.  We coordinate project plans and processes with your team members, vendors and service providers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

  • Technology Software System Design, Selection, Configuration, and Implementation
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Request for Proposal Preparation and Analysis

Throughout the project lifecycle, our team works closely with your company and selected vendors to ensure a successful solution implementation from launch to completion.  We are able to manage the project so your team members can focus on their daily jobs.

  • Project Management
  • Vendor Communication and Relationship Management
  • Technical Documentation and Analysis Reporting
  • Job Skills, Leadership, and Team Building Training

Once you’ve installed your systems, we also provide post-installation support and services to ensure your business is operating at peak performance.

  • Custom Report Creation
  • System Configuration and User Permissions Review
  • System Operational Audits

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